Curtain Monceau

Ready-to-install product sheets Curtain Monceau

The Monceau curtain is made with Flexilia mesh. Fine and linear, this mesh gives a waterfall effect. Offering splendid effects throughout the day, it plays with natural light thanks to its material. Exclusively, we give you the possibility of coloring your Monceau curtain according to your desires. A large choice of colors is at your disposal.

Contrasted, bright or colored, the Monceau curtain can be easily installed in your home with its ready-to-install system.

Flexilia mesh in stainless steel, phosphor bronze or brass. Possibility of coloring

Customized manufacturing dimensions

According to the weight/length ratio
Height min 1 m max 5 m

Length min 1.5 m max 10 m
Other dimensions on request.

Curtain Monceau
French-made metal mesh
MC&I Metal Concept and Industry
Sliding curtain ready to hang for Version Metal

Ready to hang curtains
Version Metal : design and architecture

The design and architecture brand by MC&I

Design creations in metal mesh

The ready-to-install Versionmétal collection is designed to bring an industrial look while creating a contemporary and elegant style.

The range of metal curtains is born from the collaboration between our production and our design department. After numerous tests and a careful choice about meshes and fixings, a unique selection of 4 types of curtains has emerged to adapt to the world of decoration and architecture.

The selected meshes and fabrics provide different aspects as well as transparency and shine effects depending on your project and your desires.

Curtains are used as decorative elements like room dividers or movable partitions.

Inspired by artist's lofts, our range of curtains brings a metallic touch to your interiors.

Let’s come and discover our curtains:
- Monceau with its crenellated mesh
- Montmartre with its round spiral mesh
- Vendôme with its crumpled metal fabric
- Opéra with its diamond mesh


Consult the technical sheets about our ready to hang curtains

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Curtain<br />Montmartre
Curtain<br />Vendôme
Curtain<br />Opéra

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