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The metal weaving specialist
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Based in Crest in the Drôme region, MC&I -the architectural brand of Tissmétal- is specialized in sales of metallic meshes and fabrics to building and architectural contractors.

The products marketed have a technicality which enables to meet very specific needs and they have also a strong aesthetic potential which opens up the field of possibilities in terms of design and decoration.

The metal weaving specialist, last french producer
  • The metal weaving specialist
  • Last french producer
  • the architectural brand of Tissmétal
  • sales of metallic meshes and fabrics
  • metal mesh
  • The only French manufacturer of metal conveyor belts
  • Metal mesh custom made
  • stainless steel, brass, phosphor bronze, steel
  • Wire mesh is sustainable and sturdy
  • curtains ready-to-install
  • a range of metal curtains
  • industrial and contemporary touch
  • a lot of choice for the world of architecture
  • Sales office for architecture
  • Production site in Fisme
  • specific metal mesh
  • metal mesh for decorator, designer, architect
  • strong aesthetic potential
  • the only French manufacturer of metal conveyor belts

The production plant metal mesh

Tissmetal SAS, the metal mesh production plant, located in Guignicourt in the Aisne region, is the only French manufacturer of metal conveyor belts. Strongly established in the industry, with an experience and image established for nearly 150 years with its customers, Tissmetal has an efficient production tool and adaptable know-how that are put at the service of building professionals.

In addition to the attractiveness of a wide and aesthetic heterogeneity, MC&I has taken advantage of the production unit’s high adaptability to offer products that are exclusively produced to order and "custom made".

Our range offers a large multiplicity of products and uses by the weaving choice (mesh opening, thread diameter) and the material choice (stainless steel, brass, phosphor bronze, steel...) according to the defined application. Wire mesh is sustainable, sturdy and generally requires little maintenance. Meshes are available in different finishes and physical, aesthetic and dimensional aspects.

The play of materials, shines, textures, crumpling, pleats, transparencies, contrasts, colors ... constitutes an inexhaustible source of new effects and aspects favorable for the imagination of original and unexplored implementations.

The production plant metal mesh

Creation of a range of metal curtains

Aware of the constant evolution of decoration and attentive to your aesthetic expectations, MC&I has created a range of ready-to-hang metal curtains under its Versionmetal brand. Thanks to the close collaboration with our production unit, a range of sliding curtains with elegant lines is born, bringing an industrial touch for your contemporary and refined space.

The various possible combinations of meshes widen the fields of possibilities for the world of architecture. This is why, throughout the stages of a project, the MC&I team provides advice, follow-up and technical support to its clients. Let yourself be guided by your creative ideas.

Our most beautiful achievements

Ceilings in metal mesh
Facades in metal mesh
Railings in metal mesh
Partitions in metal mesh
Curtains in metal mesh
Interior fittings
Interior fittings in metal mesh
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