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Panels, facades, Railings, Space dividers, Curtains
Our metal meshes are suitable to all your architectural and decoration projects

With nearly twenty years of experience, MC&I markets metal meshes and fabrics produced in our French factory.

Over time, architects, decorators, designers and space planners have appropriated metal mesh. Metal braiding has become an essential element in contemporary, neo-industrial and design decoration.

Originally developed for industry, our products have been transformed to adapt to the decorative requirements of interior and exterior fittings. With this in mind we have selected meshes that are suitable for your different types of projects. You will find a wide standard range of metal weavings made from noble products such as steel, stainless steel, copper, brass, bronze... Offering a very high resistance, these meshes are suitable for all your applications (facades, ceilings, partitions, railings, curtains...)

At your service, our team accompanies you throughout the realization of your architectural and decorative projects. According to your recommendations, we bring you a tailor-made answer.

Let’s come and discover all our products and let your imagination take over...


Ceilings, fixed and sliding curtains, sunscreens, partitions, facades, sliding doors, fences, railings, wall panels, draperies, creations of objects...

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Spiralia croisée large

Spiral meshes

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The production of round metal meshes is carried out from a stainless steel wire which is twisted.

Spirals are interlaced with each other according to the desired width and assembled together in twos by a welding point on each side of the panel.

All these operations are handmade in our French factory. Thanks to our ancestral knowledge, we offer tailor-made products and a large choice of round stitches, with different threads and mesh openings. The round stitches are delicate, feminine and translucent but they are also robust according to the thread diameter.

Their applications are multiple: facades, railings, partitions, fences, ceilings, interior decorations according to your professional project

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